Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From the yonder crematorium, the smoke from the funeral pyres
Reminds me of the impermanence of mankind and our destined exit
Though when pulses are live, the feelings of immortality runs through our blood
And until the last hour, little do we care to build for a life after death

The billionaire who sits on a cushion of money and the ragged pauper
Who begs hard to live for a day, the death shall level them both
And in life after death, the cycle of karma shall play its part!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God, give me the power to rewind the long trails of my life
Back into the blissful era of my youth, the time void of any strife

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heaven or a Hell

The sky above is just an empty space
And down beneath the earth and within the core
Molten rocks on fire, neither hell nor a heaven equivalent
And exploring for both, in all these ages, I failed to get an answer

But of late, I knew  that on earth do the hell and the heaven exist
There are those that reaped the bliss of the heavenly realm
And those that face the cruelty of the hellish spell
This world's but two in one, a heaven and a hell

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A beautiful dream

Yester night, I had this beautiful dream
I woke up and rose in the heavenly realm
Surrounded by fairies in the garden of flowers
With their drew drops sparkling amidst rainbow colors

As I stood there basked in the bliss of heavenly joy
I lost the count of time until I heard the heaven's trumpet blow
And amidst a patch of white cloud, I saw a chariot descends
Painted in gold and adorned in emeralds, driven by horses that could fly

In seconds, the fairies lined to open the chariot's door
And in deep reverence, I held my head low and bowed on the floor
Until I heard a familiar voice call, 'rise up! my dear son '
And I looked up only to find my long gone loving mom

She held my hand and we walked across the heavenly realm
For hours until the night gave its way to the day
And I woke up all alone like any other day
But with a sigh that she lives there in my heavenly realm

Monday, January 3, 2011

You are your closest friend

My dear little son
As you grow to be a man, I have but this little advice
There is no soul that knows thou better than thyself
So be your own guide for each turning you devise
Do not expect to pick a life's guide from a store's shelf
For there isn't one that can best explain your own nature
And there, in your own hand lies the road to your own future

Friday, December 3, 2010

The permanence in impermanence

Born as we are, to the death we shall succumb
Yet we live a life as if death we shall never see

In the men's garden, grows the seed of wealth
Trees of envy and fruits of fame
Only to make a glorified death at the end

The rich that beats the success drums
And the poor that begs to live
A day, the death shall level them both!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To My Dear Little Son

I chided you today, my dear little son
So that I can see your life's ladder glow
And reap happiness and success as you grow
And be a better man, a father worthy of a son

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I expect you to know everything
But because in everything lies your life's success
You can't afford but make fewer mistakes as you grow

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because you are not worthy of my love
but because life is not a bed of roses
You got to stand and tell the world, you are worthy of a place

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I love to see you cry
But because in tears, you will see the message clear
You got to act fast, life is not long enough

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I want to show you that I am your boss
But because I want to let you know that I am your partner true
I will stand out if you do and I will fall if you don't

I chided you today, my dear little son
With heaps of pain hidden beneath
So that in life, you do not repent like many a dozen souls
And that I can retire with a sigh, a sigh of deep satisfaction

And if you will, my dear little son
Stand by my side, when I am sick and old,
For life is like a cycle, I have played my part,
And sooner or later, you will have to but play your part!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Saint who refused to be born

Have you heard of a saint
Thangtong Gyalpo Lanamo
Who is said to have refused to be born
And remained in deep meditation
For the welfare of all sentient beings
For 60 long years in his mother's womb
Until he realized the suffering he gave to his mother

He is the master sculptor, the Architect, the blacksmith
The Philosopher, the subduer, the Iron chain bridge builder,
the spiritual leader of many a thousand beings
The King of the Empty Plains, the Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo
To whom in deep reverence, we pay our homage!!!

(Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Gerner, Manfred)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mother in a Woman

 (In memory of my Late mother Pema Gazom 1946 - 1998)

Mankind shall thrive
As God made a mother in a woman
Nothing less than the Almighty Himself
Brimming with love, care and warmth

She gives us life, shows us light
In happiness and in sadness, she sits there
Like her only purpose is to nurture her offspring,
Asking nothing in return but dedicated until her fateful exit

Mothers are all the same
I went to a zoo, and there I saw the love of mothers
Their love all the same and their worry nothing less
It is our mothers in all forms to whom in homage, I bow in total respect