Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To My Dear Little Son

I chided you today, my dear little son
So that I can see your life's ladder glow
And reap happiness and success as you grow
And be a better man, a father worthy of a son

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I expect you to know everything
But because in everything lies your life's success
You can't afford but make fewer mistakes as you grow

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because you are not worthy of my love
but because life is not a bed of roses
You got to stand and tell the world, you are worthy of a place

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I love to see you cry
But because in tears, you will see the message clear
You got to act fast, life is not long enough

I chided you today, my dear little son
Not because I want to show you that I am your boss
But because I want to let you know that I am your partner true
I will stand out if you do and I will fall if you don't

I chided you today, my dear little son
With heaps of pain hidden beneath
So that in life, you do not repent like many a dozen souls
And that I can retire with a sigh, a sigh of deep satisfaction

And if you will, my dear little son
Stand by my side, when I am sick and old,
For life is like a cycle, I have played my part,
And sooner or later, you will have to but play your part!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Saint who refused to be born

Have you heard of a saint
Thangtong Gyalpo Lanamo
Who is said to have refused to be born
And remained in deep meditation
For the welfare of all sentient beings
For 60 long years in his mother's womb
Until he realized the suffering he gave to his mother

He is the master sculptor, the Architect, the blacksmith
The Philosopher, the subduer, the Iron chain bridge builder,
the spiritual leader of many a thousand beings
The King of the Empty Plains, the Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo
To whom in deep reverence, we pay our homage!!!

(Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Gerner, Manfred)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mother in a Woman

 (In memory of my Late mother Pema Gazom 1946 - 1998)

Mankind shall thrive
As God made a mother in a woman
Nothing less than the Almighty Himself
Brimming with love, care and warmth

She gives us life, shows us light
In happiness and in sadness, she sits there
Like her only purpose is to nurture her offspring,
Asking nothing in return but dedicated until her fateful exit

Mothers are all the same
I went to a zoo, and there I saw the love of mothers
Their love all the same and their worry nothing less
It is our mothers in all forms to whom in homage, I bow in total respect

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Dedication to My King

HM the 4th King of Bhutan
(Written in 2003 to dedicate the Annual Audit Conference Report to His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan)

The gallantry of the nation, in one embedded
Mystical amongst the masses, the feted supreme
In unrivalled grandeur, his visions glow
And the lusters wipe the agony laden
In every heart resides thy image sublime
And every lip sings thy praises profound
The root of all ecstasy, the leader innate
It's thou to whose feet, in tribute we humbly bow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

May You Live Your Life to the Fullest

I woke up today to find yet another day
A day filled with this usual worldly chores
There is nothing more in life than living to live
Though we know, we shall depart a day whatever

In so short a time, we live a life in nature long enough
And amidst, many like me toil to live a life to its brim
Yet the meek and the great, to our ultimate destiny, the time shall take
As years go unseen and the frailness creep unnoticed

With every breaking dawn, a day closer we live
And everyday, a friend or a soul humbly takes leave
Never to be seen again but only to live in our hearts and minds
Or live in history to remember the souls of the bygone days

In so short a life, I pray, may peace prevail over mankind
And every man live a life that he may die with a sigh
A sigh of satisfaction, a sigh that speaks of his brimming life
left behind, as a chapter new in the hearts of his every fellow man!