Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Forgotten Mission

There is nothing greater than just being a human
With our own destiny folded in our acumen
The Creator has sent us to pave our way forward
To the ultimate destiny, the place of limitless delight

I have started my voyage here, from this mountain terrain
Where rocks cropped and hills ran into jagged chain
Where flora and fauna exist in equal harmony
From this land blessed by souls, hermits and sages great

In my small room, as the first ray of the sun passes
I stand there prepared to take my journey a mile further
Lighting a lamp, I offer my daily verses, though it far less surpasses
The act of assuming all drudgeries and pains of all sentient being

With dusk and dawns taking its rapid natural turn
However young my heart may yield, a day closer I burn
Like a fast depleting lit incense, I come closer to my end
Though to the ultimate destiny, by far less I may transcend

The bustling lives often override the truth of my impermanence
The greed to ease and solace fake this fugitive hours of existence
Half the time I have wasted ere I realize my mission true
And in bygone days, nothing have I seen but illusions in blue

With my body yielding to time, the gravity I can feel
Now or never will I make my end the beginning of my mission
To the place of ultimate bliss, the destiny my creator had sealed
The place many had long sought but often not unfeigned in true fruition


  1. wow....true poetry...inborn talent....i just loooooooooooooved it...