Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That Lone Night

I was woken up one lone wintry night
By an anguished howl, made with all its might
And I stood there awake, in the night's pure blackness
Amid the roaring snores and ticking clocks

And there as I turned from side to side
I wondered why on earth did that creature howl
When in deep slumber, all souls had befallen
And yet I heard, a more deeper but a tortured howl

The wind that gently brought the pain in my ears
Blew and passed, but that agony in my heart lingered for years
It was one of those cold wintry nights, in pain and in desperation
It howled the night long until it could make that blissful separation

As the night made its way to the day
I could hear the chirping of those early birds
And the children's cry and their mothers' dismay
I rolled up my blanket and walked through that frosty dirts

Only to find the farmer's dog that fended the crop
Yielded to the chilling frost, its might all dis-robed

1 comment:

  1. Wai...good one....looks like u r reviving your good old hobby....keep it up....i can understand u had it keep it away 4 quite sumtime as u hardly had time....guess u have time to breath now....good 4 u....keep posting...bye