Friday, September 17, 2010

A Tribute

The splendours of their Majesties, the radiance of the Golden Throne
Illuminates this aroma of the nation, the pride that we gleefully adorn
Void is our hearts without their intellection, for they are, our testimony
Of our unity, the source of our peace and the chronology of our history

O' my King(s), thou had been indeed our radiant lights to our dark future
Under thine's majestic grandeur, much have we seen, for others that in ages unfold
Thou burned the mid-night oils, lost in mundane affairs, less likely of any regal stature
While in rhythmic bliss, we reaped the peace that thou fagged in heat and cold

As a child often I ideated the imperialistic state than the gallantry of the leaders
Yet I have heard of leaders who fought war for fame and blood for cozen vengeance
And weighed their glory by the extent of the empires and services their subject renders
And yet we have leaders, who for the nation's happiness, risk their life in deep allegiance

O' our great King(s), under thy noble feet, in triumphant submission, I humbly bow
In ardent love and gratitude, in tribute for all that thou had dauntlessly sacrificed
May thy graciousness over shine our ignorance and in you may we glow
Out of selfishness and greed and for the wellbeing and the happiness of our citizenry

Long Live Our King(s)!!!

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