Monday, September 20, 2010

In Memory of My Late Parents

Yesterday, I was a child on my mother's lap
And little did I know, when I wake up from this nap
That I will be on my own, in this vast and weary world
With much to care and a son of my own to mould

It was just like yesterday, when I had them both
I had no worries to ponder but go my way in complete sloth
And today, I take their place and knew what it has been
To leave a place behind and live a life to its brim

I salute them both for what they have been to me and my kin
For what they have undergone, opening lives and lights to a dozen line
And when the nestlings feathered and rose to our feet
Long were they gone, and alone we wandered in this wild street

I think of them, day in and day out and the God sends them in my dreams
With their old smiles and soft spoken words, I walked with them in their realms
And when the night passes, I wake up alone like any other day
Greeted by this worldly chores and all I can, is call it another day anyway

I will wait and play my part like any one of you hath
I will tread the way that you have trodden, along with all my kith
And when the God calls me back, I will come there in ultimate reunion
To be your son again and stay there as your eternal companion


  1. wow..yonten sir..that was truly a master Piece poem...Keep it up...

  2. i think this is one beautiful article i have read in a while............Very nice.....