Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A night as a vagabond

I took a forlorn voyage one bright summer day
To a place less disgraced by mankind
It was by far like an unfathomable journey to a celestial abode
Manoeuvring through an exotic timberland road

Spiralling up a gigantic hill, amidst the best of nature at display
And as dusk fell, I stopped by a giant tree to call a home so faraway
The setting sun and the birds returning home from a day’s hard labour
The early howl of the distant jackals and the frequent pop up of a fury mole

Aggrieved and disapproving of its newly uninvited neighbour
Yet I stood there basked in the beauty of nature, as they played their role
And soon the unwelcomed dusk unveiled the black curtain of darkness
And the players made their retreat, hopefully for another peaceful night

And In the silence of the night, I could hear a bell ringing from a place faraway
Perhaps a prayer by a lone hermit, a recluse more than these worldly pleasures!

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