Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Boy Is the Father of Man

I denied a chocolate to my boy, a busy morn
Turning a deaf ear to all his reasons and anguish
Until in silence we manoeuvred the lane to his kindergarten
Mesmerized in thoughts and in tears, I could see him seated

But not for long as I could hear him mumble again
This time, this strange narration, I heard him say
"Though I don't remember, how good a dad I have been”
"But for sure, would not have been a soul worse than this man,"

"After all that I have done, a chocolate he cannot give me every morn"
And as I looked at him rather annoyed, he made a disapproving glance to say
"You might well recollect what a dad I had been to you when you were like me"
"And that you are growing old, I will wait until you come back as my little boy"

And as I dropped him with his tiny bag, he looked at me and said
"Dad, is it true that when you die, you shall be born as my son?"
Of course I said, but I will remember never to ask you a chocolate
He smiled and as he passed the gate, he murmured, "It’s not about the chocolate alone!"

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